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>The Corsair 760 Trimaran is the Ideal boat for half day and day trips. These are private skippered trips so that you get to enjoy the whole boat four yourselves while sailing to secluded beaches on the Island of Krk. The boat fits up to 6 people >Half Day Sailing is a 4 hour trip. Mornings from 9:00-13:00. Afternoon from 15:00-19:00 Included in the trip is Skipper, SUP board, snorkeling masks, water bottle and fuel. >Day Sailing is from 10:00-17:00. Included in the price is Skipper, SUP board, snorkeling masks, sandwhiches, water bottle and fuel. >Sunset sailing to Vrbnik and wine tasting is possible upon request.

Welcome to Luna, the Seawind 1160 Lite Catamaran. Luna is our new arrival. She was built in 2023 and now she's ready to take on new adventures in the adriatic sea. Luna is 11.6 meter long and has 4 cabins and 2 bathrooms. She accommodates up to 8 people for Multi-day trips and up to 10 people on day trips. >Not included in the price is Charter package, fuel, marina fees, food, drinks, and turist tax >Charter package is extra 150 euros (not optional) in multiday trips which includes bed linen, basic package for toilets and kitchen, outboard engine , dinghy, 1 stand up paddle (SUP), set towels (1 small and 1 large/per person), snorkeling masks. >Security deposit 300 euros (in case of damages)

>The Ammbassador 3600 is a high speed motor yacht with two Volvo penta engines that easily achieves high speeds at a low consumption. The owner has also installed a H pump that decreases fuel consumption. This boat has a custom made hard top which gives acts like a nice place to stay in the shade. The boat has five guest berths and one skipper berth. There are 2 cabins with a main master cabin in the bow, a guest cabin with double berths in the stern of the boat and one berth in the salon. The bathroom has a shower and is easily accessible from the salon area. >Not included in the price is Charter package, fuel, marina fees, food, drinks and turist tax >Charter package is an extra 80 euros in multiday trips which includes bed linen, basic package for toilets and kitchen, 1 stand up paddle (SUP), set towels (1 small and 1 large/per person) > Security deposit 200 euros

Terms and conditions for renting a Trimaran Sailing Vessel These Instructions and terms for accommodation on Trimaran Sailing Vessel, together with Booking Contract (if applicable), Invoice and Boarding Pass will be referred to as Contract, Trimaran Sailing and/or other operator will be known as TS, the chartering party will be known as Charterer and the yacht as the Vessel. This Contract is valid under the following conditions: 1) The Charterer will hire a Vessel equipped in accordance to the laws and rules of berth location of the vessel and TS yacht charter standards. If applicable in specific destination, the equipment list is an integral part of this Contract and it will be signed by the involved parties on the occasion of taking over and returning of the yacht (check list). 2) The Charterer will pay the agreed charter price and extras. 3) The Vessel can be exclusively used for personal purposes, such as cruising and similar and therefore must not be used for any other commercial or similar purposes. 1) SECURITY DEPOSIT The Charterer lays under commitment to provide a security deposit at the time of embarkation on the Vessel by cash of 300 euros for Luna catamaran, 200 euros for the motor boat Ambassador 3600 for a multi-day trip. commitment to provide a security deposit at the time of embarkation on the Vessel by cash of 600 euros for the Corsair 760 trimaran in case TS is not providing a skipper. The deposit shall be terminated in its entirety upon the return of the vessel, unless an existence of a damage or a defect on the vessel or the equipment is not found during the handover of the vessel. In case of damage or missing equipment the amount deducted will be defined by the TS upon return of the vessel. 2) CANCELLATION If the Charterer who has made a reservation, makes a cancellation less than 60 days from the start date, a fee of 30% of the total price will be deducted. In case of cancellation less than 30 days from the start date 50% will be deducted from the total price. In case of cancellation less than 15 days from the start date 100% will be deducted from the total price. Due to bad weather conditions day trips may be postponed or cancelled by TS in which case a full refund will be retuned to the Charterer. 3) SAILING TERMS & USE OF THE VESSEL Use of Vessel out of coastal waters, participation on regatta etc. is allowed only if granted by TS to the Charterer. TS will provide a skipper unless for Charterer unless defined otherwise. The Corsair 760 has a sail limit of up to 3Nm from the nearest body of land. The motor boat Gulf Craft Ambassador 3600 had a travel distance of up to3Nm from the nearest body of land. The Seawind 1160 catamaran Luna has a sail distance of up to 6Nm from the nearest body of land. The Charterer is obliged to provide name, surname, date of birth, place of birth and passport number of all crew members on time, as advised by TS. As weather conditions dictate, the Charterer is obliged to promptly reduce canvas and not allow the Vessel to sail under an amount of canvas greater than one ensuring comfortable sailing without excessive strain or stress on rigging and sails; not to sail the Vessel in any area insufficiently covered by the charts at his/her disposal or without having previously thoroughly studied the charts of the area and other relevant printed material provided on board; not to sail the Vessel at night without all navigation lights functioning or without adequate watch on deck. The Charterer shall perform the control of the oil in the engine on a daily basis. Charterer shall not leave port or anchorage if the wind force is or is predisposed to be over seven (7) on the Beaufort Scale (30 knots) or if the harbour authorities have prohibited sailing or while the Vessel has unrepaired damage to any of her vital parts such as engine, sails, rigging, bilge pump, anchoring gear, navigation lights, compass, safety equipment etc. or if any of the above parts are not in good working condition; neither shall the Charterer leave port or anchorage without sufficient reserves of fuel or in general, when weather conditions or the state of the Vessel or her crew are doubtful. The Charterer undertakes to be in possession of valid navigation licenses (and, if applicable in the country of berth location of the Vessel, a VHF certificate) or he is obliged to leave the navigation of the Vessel to a crew member that has the relevant permit or license. The Charterer guarantees TS his own nautical knowledge and competence in that area, both his own and the qualification of his crew, as well as his ability to operate the Vessel safely without regard of weather conditions or any other circumstances, taking over full responsibility for rational exploitation of the Vessel and her equipment. If TS comes to conclusion that the skipper or at least one member of his crew do not possess appropriate and necessary knowledge and nautical competence, TS may make a breach of this Contract any time without being obliged to reimburse any paid amount or, in accordance with the established competence, he may determine the limits of sailing for the duration of this Contract. TS has been authorised for making such limitations if weather conditions or some other serious reasons should force TS to do so. For the reason of establishing the nautical competence of the Charterer and his crew, TS may organise a shorter common navigation with the Charterer. TS is not responsible for possible injuries, damages and other even more difficult consequences that may arise on or around the Vessel for the Charterer and members of his crew, as well as for possible passengers, or for the third party caused by the Charterer or members of his crew for the duration of this Contract. All current expenses of the Vessel use (fuel, harbour taxes, indemnity, cleaning and similar) should be paid by the Charterer. This also refers to the obligations which may arise from the Vessel use, and which may become due after the expiration of this Contract. In case of any other unexpected incident, some greater damage or failure, navigational offence or accident the Charterer is obliged to report it, both to authorised government bodies and the TS, in the quickest and the most appropriate way and to follow their instructions which are in accordance with operations of a good navigator. The Charterer is not authorised neither to rent the Vessel to the third party nor to leave it uncontrolled at some place not being safe, nor to haul it up. The highest number of passengers aboard should not be higher than the number as stated in the Crew List. 4) ARBITRATION & LAW All disputes between Charterer and TS have to be settled directly between these two, in English language. If arbitration or court proceedings are required, the place of jurisdiction is the berth place of the Vessel. For any disputes between the Charterer and TS, the law of Ts country of residence shall apply.

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